College introduction

    An Introduction to the Adult Education College

    Northwest University is recognized as one of the key comprehensive universities in China. Jointly administered by the Ministry of Education and the Shaanxi provincial government, it has been selected to be one of the State “211 Project” universities with well-qualified faculties and rich teaching resources. NWU consists of three campuses, namely Chang’an Campus, Taibai Campus and Taoyuan Campus. And it comprises 21 departments and 1 graduate school, with 1 national key discipline (covering 5 provincial disciplines) and 4 provincial key disciplines. It currently offers 75 undergraduate programs and 16 professional Master’s programs, plus Master’s programs in 39 primary disciplines. It is also entitled to offer an MA program to teachers already serving in institutions of higher learning. 19 of its primary disciplines offer PhD programs and there are 21 post-doctoral programs. Moreover, NWU houses a national key laboratory and an incubator for national key laboratories which is jointly administered by the Ministry of Education and the Shaanxi provincial government. There is a national base for the quality education of college students, a national research center of engineering & technology, a national base for international technological cooperation, and 25 provincial key laboratories, engineering﹠technology centers, and key research bases for humanities and social sciences. It has 4 national experimental teaching demonstration centers and 7 national bases for talent cultivation.

    Adult Education College is the predecessor of the NWU Vocational Technical Institute which changes its name in July 2008. With rich teaching resources, the institute actively seeks the educational model, and forms a multiform, multilevel and multi-channel educational system. During the teaching practice, the institute insists “survives on quality, develops with characteristic” as the school running theory, and in accordance with the education policy “adapt to the demand, give play to advantages, strengthen management, guarantee the quality”,actively adapts the need of local economic and social development, reforms the teaching content, regulates the school behavior, expands the education space, enriches the school-running forms to ensure the high-quality of the talent. Through unremitting efforts, the institute becomes one of the first 50 education demonstration base construction project units in 2001; officially established by Shaanxi province human resources and social security Office as "Shaanxi province professional skills talents training base" in 2011; in addition, the construction scheme of northwest university online distance education college has passed and is underway in the implementation; the training program with Yanchang Petroleum Group, Changqing Petroleum group and Shaanxi Coal Cooperation is carried out smoothly. The institute has obtained the remarkable achievement for many years, and won a good social reputation. It is awarded as the "outstanding school" and "excellent Adult Education College” by Shaanxi province education department.

    At present, the institute will further open the mind, reform and innovation, to make our school contribute much greatly to the development of local economy.